You can get your inner cowboy, or cowgirl, going this Friday in Chumuckla as the BonfireJam will host a Rodeo Shootout.

Starting at 1 p.m. Friday you can watch one of the biggest calf roping events East of the Mississippi as roping team will be see who can rope their calf the fastest for the biggest share of a $20,000 purse.

Organizers are expecting 40 of the best calf ropers in converge on Chumuckla for the event being put on by the Northwest Florida Calf Roping Association.

Some of the ropers expected to attend Friday's event include Michael Otero, Tim Pharr, Cody Harris, Josh Weekly, Brad Hart, Jason Kimbrell and Blake Bryant.

And if that is not enough for the rodeo fan in you, the event will also feature appearances by Cody Harris and cast members of CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Southern Nights.”

Following the calf roping there will be a big bull riding show at 7 followed by a fireworks show and then a concert featuring up and coming country music artist Jana Kramer at 9 p.m.

For those of you who have never attended a calf roping event, it can be quite interesting as it not just a test of a cowboy and his horse, but two cowboys and two horses.

Once the calf or steer is loaded into the chute, the header (cowboy who ropes the head of the calf) backs his horse into the box on the left side of the steer.

The heeler (cowboy who ropes the back legs of the calf) backs his horse into the box on the right side.

When the header nods his head the calf is released and the cowboy spurs his horse in to action.

He tried to do this without breaking the barrier, or rope that guarantees the steer somewhat of a head start.

Once the header ropes the horns head of the calf then the heeler comes into action and tries to loop the hind legs of the steer.

There are penalties in the event if you break the barrier by coming out of the box too soon or if you only get one of the steers legs.

The fastest time wins the event and if the header or heeler misses then they only collect the respective cheers and applause of the crowd.


Schedule of Events:

Friday, December 7th

11 a.m.: Books Open

              Championship Calf Roping

1 p.m.: Calf Roping Begins

3 p.m.: Gates Open for Bull Show

7 p.m.: Bull Show Begins

9 p.m.: Jana Kramer Concert