Contrary to what many people belief, what you don’t see can hurt you.

And no one is more aware of this than the staff and administration at Santa Rosa Medical Center. That’s why they have chosen to sponsor Life Line Screening’s preventive, pro-health project that will assist those over 50 who wish to detect their risks for stroke and vascular disease.

Life Line Screening is coming to town with its capacity to provide simple, ultrasound screening, especially for seniors, which can reveal dangerous plaque buildup or blockage inside the arteries. These screenings have proven to be safe and accurate in detecting one’s risk for stroke and vascular disease in advance so these conditions can be address by you and your doctor before it’s too late.

Local screenings will be available for one day only at Santa Rosa Medical Center 6002 Berryhill Road on December 14, 2012. They will be available to pre-registered individuals only, so it is imperative that those interested make arrangements in advance. Registration is available by calling 1-800-395-1801, at which time precise directions will be provided.

Screenings that will be provided include Stroke/Carotid Screening; Heart Rhythm Screening (Atrial Fibrillation); Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening; Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening; and Osteoporosis Risk Assessment. Each procedure generally takes about ten minutes; therefore, if you are having all five done, it will tale the better part of an hour.

All screenings are priced at $60,00 each, but the five-screening package costs only $149.00, a savings of $126.00. The screenings are generally not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Health, and health insurance coverage varies from policy to policy.  But sufficiently detailed screenings receipts will be provided for those who need them.

According to Life Line Screening, “If we find a condition that is life-threatening, we will notify you on the day of the screenings, so you can consult your physician immediately. If not, then your screening will be carefully reviewed by one of our board certified physicians, and you will receive your results within 21 days.”

Those who are interested in the screenings should register as soon as possible so that sufficient time can be allotted for his or her procedure.