There is something always going on in Santa Rosa County. We're blessed with plenty of activities. Unfortunately, they don't always have a good location to host the event.

Now there is a chance to have such a facility where many events we enjoy can be held. Along with this advantage is the opportunity to bring more.

We're talking about the proposed covered arena at the East Milton Park.

Now before you correct us and call it an equestrian center, be reminded there is no place for you to house a horse and it did not come back with a bid in excess of $10-million.

This is a covered arena and, frankly, a pretty darned good one at that.

The covered arena or multi-purpose facility can host concerts, horse shows, rodeos, farm implement shows, and that is just the tip of the entertainment iceberg.

Just imagine a facility as long as a football field without the end zones.

States like Mississippi have a facility like this in every single county.

It would be awesome to have someone or something come to Santa Rosa County for an event in Santa Rosa County instead of passing through to hold their event in Alabama or Pensacola because we lacked an adequate facility.

Commissioners need to recognize how this one facility would be an addition to the phrase most often used by leaders, "the quality of life."

Using our imagination we can  see a wide variety of events that could draw people from every walk of life. Such events could include garden shows, plant shows, animal shows and more.

We offer several things in Santa Rosa County and this would not only help these things, but also bolster their effectiveness if utilized properly.

An interesting side point about this is how the covered arena will not require no more up keep and maintenance as the other facilities at the other parks in the county.

Electricity would be used only during events. Since it would only be a covered arena, there would be no heat or air conditioning.

Santa Rosa County would also benefit in cases of an emergency.

When disasters strike a facility like this in a fenced in area like the East Milton Park would be a tremendous staging area for assistance and help crews.

We are sure people can come up with negatives, but in our opinion, they are far outweighed by the positives.

First and foremost, this is a Santa Rosa County project and not an East Milton project.

It would be great for all of us to get behind it and move this goal forward.