This month the Milton Garden Club is happy to award the residential Community Pride Award to Thomas and Wanda Arrington for their beautiful yard and home at 5403 Moonlight Drive, at the corner of Wyndham. The Arrington's have spent the past summer renovating their yard, creating a beautiful lawn and planters.

Hundreds of rolls of centipede sod were laid to create the gorgeous lawn, which sets off the expansive berm running the entire length of the yard bordered by Wyndham Road.   The many plants incorporated in this lengthy planter include hosta, water lily, both green and variegated liriope, caladium, dward azaleas, purple fountain grass, potted springeri, purple "Wandering Jew", sun impatiens, lantana, encore azaleas, agapanthus, pink muhly grass, as well as several other ornamental grasses.  Large azaleas were transplanted into this long border also.  Although Hurricane Ivan took out about 40 large trees, there are both live oak and water oak creating the upper canopy of the planter.

In the front yard are knockout roses, gardenia, agapanthus, ornamental grasses, iris and other perennials, encore azaleas, green loropetalum (they have white blossoms), white lantana, nandina, and a bottlebrush tree.  On the front porch are enormously full Boston ferns in stands and hangers.  The ferns have literally "stopped traffic", as folks have requested Arrington allow the ferns to be used for parties or weddings.  Sorry---the ferns are not for rent!

Wrapping around from the front yard to the side of the house, boxwood is added to the mix, and leads to the back deck where bright reddish-orange sun impatiens make a bold grouping. Further plantings include knockout roses, agapanthus, Indian Hawthorn, gerber daisy and a hawthorn tree.  

Along the fence line in the back yard are daylilies, gardenia, lilies, gerber daisy, knockout roses, bottlebrush, huge azalea, round ligustrum, honeysuckle vine on the fence, and ornamental grass in a fountain-like shape.  There is a large shrub bearing purple flowers that we could not identify, but it is beautiful.

Milton Garden Club is happy to thank the Arringtons for all their long months of hard work in completely redoing their yard--we are so proud to award you the November Community Pride Award for your beautiful success.