If you have a short comment you would like to make, call the Speak Out line at 623-5887. Longer comments are better suited as a letter to the editor.


Saturday, 12:14 p.m.

This is Mary. Now that wrestling season is here I hope you will cover Milton wrestling like you did last season. And for the person complaining about what you get from the food bank. Leave it there and maybe someone who is hungry will get it, eat it and be thankful. Bye.


Saturday, 11:13 a.m.

Hello this is Debbie from Milton. I have a question on why the birth announcements from Oct. 16 at Santa Rosa Medical Center were not in the paper. They are new citizens of Milton and us as the parents and grandparents would like to see them and cut it out for their scrapbook. Why do they jump over Oct. 16 to Oct. 26. We buy and read the paper for that very reason. Thank you.

Editorís note: Debbie we did not get a birth announcement from Santa Rosa Medical Center for Oct. 16. We receive those birth announcements which are filled out properly and signed by the appropriate individuals for release. We are sorry about the omission.


Saturday, 11:08 a.m.

Hello I am David. (We are sorry David, but the rest of your call was not audible enough for us to understand. Please call back)


Friday, 7:35 p.m.

This is Maria in Milton. I would like to know why Mayor Hayward said Pensacola is not Beirut. A lot of soldiers lost their lives in Beirut in 1983 and they died for this country. Many of us here will not forget those soldiers who lost their lives. I hope he apologizes to the people in Milton, Pace, and Pensacola. Hes the mayor, but he cannot say something like this. People are still hurting from this tragedy.


Thursday, 8:15 p.m.

Hello this is Jamie. I want to comment on the $24,000 per year the county would pay for public transportation. Maybe they could get creative and find ways to fund this program through some employers. They might donate to help offset the cost and save on parking as well as the employees gas and cost of a car. The bus is cheaper to some who really canít afford a car. I am sure there are some employers who would contribute. And $24,000 is a pretty good deal to keep that many cars off the road. Maybe the county would want to reconsider this.


Thursday, 8:10 p.m.

This is Kathy and I would like to comment on the food bank caller who talked about the kidney beans. I contribute a lot to the food banks around Christmas and Thanksgiving. Beans are economical and good for you. They are filling and have lots of fiber. The next time I donate I think I will add a box of baking soda. I have learned if you will add a tablespoon to the water when you soak your beans or when you cook them that should help you with your problem. I hope this will work for that person. You should realize some countries eat beans instead of meat.


Thursday, 5:13 p.m.

Yes, I have a great idea for the use of the Garcon Point Bridge. Let the skateboarders use it for a ramp. They can pay the $4.25 and they can use it all day. There will not be any cars on that bridge at that cost. I sure am not going to pay to use it. You have to be rich to afford to go over that joke. It makes no sense. The Bay Bridge is just fine to me. I donít need Garcon Point.


Thursday, 5:09 p.m.

This is an East Milton resident. I try to use the Garcon Point Bridge one in a while, but it has gotten too expensive. $3.75 is too expensive and they are talking about $4.25. With the BP money coming in Santa Rosa County should try to help us out so we donít have to pay such a high toll. The highest toll in Florida. Isnít that ridiculous.


Thursday, 5:05 p.m.

Yes I would like to know what the Press Gazette is going to do for the Saturday paper to help those people effected by Sandy in New York. They are like we were. I hope you put something in the paper about donating to the Red Cross and their relief efforts like when they did relief efforts for Japan and other places. Be good to the people from New York. Thank you this is Maria from Milton.

Editorís note: Maria, we informed our readers on how they could donate to the Sandy relief efforts right after the tragedy occurred. It was on the front page of our paper.


Thursday, 12:18 p.m.

Hi this is Pam from Pensacola. I would like to respond to the man who complained about the kidney beans they received from the food banks and other groups. How dare anyone going to the food bank and complain about the free food they are receiving. If you donít like what they are giving out, donít go. Beans are very nutritious and filling. So whoever needed the box of GasX quit going and taking the free food. Other people probably need it instead of him.