Garcon Point

The toll is already too high! $7.00 to go round trip! Any increase is ludicrous. How can we afford it in our economy? If they would DECREASE the toll, more people would use the bridge, thus generate more money---duh! – Rita Pitzer


Sort of ridiculous the highest toll bridge in the state is in such an economically challenged area and only saves 3 miles to boot! New York folks probably think $4 tolls are the norm but not so in FL! Come on give it a try -- change the toll back to $2 and see the increase in traffic! – Debra Harscher


I agree. I won’t be using the bridge at that cost. Cheaper to go through Pensacola even with the price of gas. – Pandy Farrell


Turkey Talk


As a northerner, I'm hooked on the southern way of deep frying the turkey in peanut oil. – Mandy Putoutski


Pay someone who is way better at cooking than myself to (cook the turkey). – Daphne Mitchell


Churches get no vote


I would like to see voting at our public schools, not churches. If I want to Vote, I shouldn’t have to go to church. Our area churches should stay out of politics period. – Don McLachlan


I do not want to vote at any church either! – Janice Baird


If your precinct is in a church and you don't like it, I have an Idea for you......don't vote. Such a silly statement. Are you afraid that someone is going to ask you if you are saved? In all the years of voting, has anyone at a church precinct every ask you that? At a place that does more for the local community than the government would ever think about and can stretch $1, to seem like $100, I could only pray that our government could be run like the church! America would be great again! – John McDonald