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Garcon Point

I live off of I-10 exit 26 and this bridge is so convenient! But as it is right now, it's cheaper for us to take the long way around. Ridiculous! - Jennifer Kolek Moore

We quit using it after the last two rises. They are just cutting their own throat! - Michele Gibbs

Everyone needs to quit using it then, maybe, just maybe they'll wake up. I haven't been on it since the first time rates increased. - Billy Patterson

On your mind

When are they going do something about the intersection at 90 and Keyser St. or 90 and Pace Lane as some people know it by. - Hillary Brooks

Pace needs a community center with a gym. - John McDonald

Build Milton for jobs that at not just minimum wage. Get Walmart going on this side to town. Restaurants will open. Jobs need people and people need jobs! - Janice Baird