More victims have come forward following the Oct. 10 arrest of Edward Collinsworth and the number of charges have increased.

Tuesday afternoon Collinsworth had an additional five counts of sexual assault added to the 10 previously lodged.

Since Collinsworth's arrest he has remained in the Santa Rosa County Jail without bond.

According to Collinsworth's arrest report, he is being charged with 50 counts of sexual battery on a child less than 11 years of age that occurred by an offender less than 18 years of age.

The affidavit with the report indicated the alleged acts took place in Santa Rosa County between 1976 and 1982.

According to the most-recent report, the victim alleged the abuse occurred, "more than 50 times but less than 100" and "sometimes everyday, every 48 hours, every other week, but at least once a week on average over those years."

Instances of the alleged abuse reportedly occurred in a back yard shed, the defendant's bedroom, and in the woods at the end of the street.

Since the initial arrest on Oct. 10, victims have come forward alleging Collinsworth had sexually assaulted them over three decades ago.

One of the victims claimed that the recent new coverage of the Jerry Sandusky trial on television urged him to come forward to tell Santa Rosa County deputies about the alleged crime according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s arrest report.

The victims claim that the suspect 45-year-old Edward Collinsworth sexually assaulted them from 1979 to 1986 when the two lived in Santa Rosa County.

Collinsworth is currently on administrative leave from the Santa Rosa County Tax Collectors office, according to Santa Rosa County Tax Collector Stan Nichols.

Nichols stated that Collinsworth would remain on leave until his leave times is used up at that time he will be terminated.

The termination would be based on county policy as Collinsworth would be unable to report for work.

In his initial arrest by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, one of the victims alleged that Collinsworth sexually assaulted him when he was 5 or 6 years of age.  At the time of the abuse, the victim alleged that Collinsworth lived across the street from him.

At the time, the victim stated that they thought Collinsworth was 18 or 19.  The victim indicated that they were abused from the time they were 5 years old to 12 years old by the suspect.

According to the report, the first victim stated that Collinsworth allegedly assaulted him in his tool shed behind his house. The report indicated that Collinsworth allegedly tied the victim to a chair and performed indecent acts on the victim.

The report alleged that the victim would ask Collinsworth to stop, but the suspect threatened to hit the victim with a baseball bat. 

The victim stated that they were sexually abused by Collinsworth until they were 12 at least 100 times according to the report.

Another person also came to Santa Rosa deputies about being sexually abused by Collinsworth back in September.  The victim alleged that they were abused by Collinsworth when suspect was believed to have been around 14 years of age. The victim alleged that the suspect sexually abused them 50 times or more.

The victim stated in the report that Collinsworth would bring them into his bedroom and sexually molest them.  The victim stated that Collinsworth would ask them to engage in the sexual act with him, but they refused. 

The second victim stated that they never came to law enforcement officers about the abuse because they didn’t think they would believe them.