Election time approaches. Racism is much in the news.

Iím appealing to my black brothers and sisters-in-Christ. As true believers I assume you abhor racist remarks. There is no excuse for Christians to be racist because born again believers had a heart change!

God is very clear on two issues. The first, killing on the unborn (abortion). Children are a gift from God whose desire is that little ones come unto Him. Jesus said whoever offends one of these who believe in Him: ďIt were better for that a millstone were hanged about his neckÖ!Ē

The second, endorsement and promotion of same sex marriages resulting from alternative lifestyles, an abomination in Godís sight. The homosexual and lesbian lifestyles are like a knell. Government statistics confirm the alternative lifestyle is destructive with devastating health risks.

Iíll never understand how some in my own church could vote for one who defies God unless theyíre included in the half of church folks Billy Graham says are not born again, professing Christians.

Iím sure youíll agree that many who voted for our President did because of the color of his skin. I understand that, but to do so again I believe will bring further judgment on America.

Those who know me know I donít have a prejudicial bone in my body. I love worshipping with black brethren, even assisted in their Vacation Bible School when asked years ago. Black television preachers bless my soul. The love of God constrains me. My goal is souls for Christ. God knows it canít be said of me, ďNo man careth for my soul!Ē (Psalm 142).

In fact, I was excited when an African-American was elected to the highest position. I am no racist. I voted for Alan Keyes twice, a black God-fearing, Christ-honoring man who would have made an excellent President, unlike ours itís sad-to-say. The latter is leading us into a bankrupt, socialist, European-type many state, ripe for producing an Islamic nation with Shariah Law already practiced in parts of America, a disgrace to our forefathers.

The only reason I implore all to vote for the one who is pro-life and against same sex marriage is because I know what God could and might do if we donít. Looking to God for guidance, not man, it is better to obey God than man! Shame on Christians who donít bother to vote!

This appeal is mainly to born again Christians, not for the unregenerate for whose salvation we pray. Thank God for those who, even though theyíre not saved, will vote for the candidate who obeys God in these to areas.

If any alternate lifestyle person is offended by this letter, please know born again Christians love you. God alone can convince you of that, praise His name. One who truly loves will speak truth.

I have learned to live with criticism ever since I vowed to God I would go, do, and say what He wanted because He she His own blood for me and the whole world. I will not be deterred by Godís grace and protection until He calls me home.

Bottom line; itís all about what God, not man, says about anything!

My motto; we have only one life, Ďtwill soon be past. Only whatís done for Christ will last!

God bless us all as only He can.

Chrys Holley
Milton, Fla.