My name is Charles Elliott and I am running for Santa Rosa County School Board District 4.

I have lived my life of 50 years in Santa Rosa County, attended and graduated with the Santa Rosa Schools, raised my children in the Santa Rosa County school system and now seeing my grandchildren attending school in the Santa Rosa District.

I first started my employment with my father in a business he started, Elliott Electric. I continued with the operations and budget of the business up through 1992 after my father's passing.

Since my marriage in 1981 and the birth of my two children, I have been involved with the community in umpiring T-ball and refereeing basketball in Pace for over 20 years.

I worked at the Santa Rosa County Tax office for 7 years, and also at the SRC Clerk of Court for about a year. I have also worked the funeral home business for over 17 years and currently I am employed with Lewis Funeral Home.

At this time, I am the treasurer of the Pace Water System, which has an annual budget of over $7,000,000 and assets of over $100,000,000.