What do you think could be done to increase bicyclist safety on the roadways?

More bike lanes with better markings. I know some places that have bumps to separate motorists from the bike lanes. And more awareness to the drivers.
Debbie Simmons, Niceville

I think that the number one thing to do is add more bike lanes to the road. As far as out here, keeping dogs on their leash. You get chased out here going 30 mph by dogs. Cyclists also as a group need to learn to follow their own line so we don’t block the road. We have to police ourselves as well.
Dana Foster, Pensacola

Educate both the drivers and the bike riders. They have to share the road. A lot of cars feel they have to do 55 mph when they are passing bikers. We need education.
Allen Curtis

I think apart from the bike lanes, more public awareness for cycling. Maybe a few Public Service Announcements wouldn’t hurt from FDOT would be cool.
Robert Hardy

Road signs that indicate bike lanes so people will slow down.
Robert Simmons, Niceville