In a year where schools are transitioning from Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to the new Florida Standards, Santa Rosa County continued to rank near the top of our state in student achievement.  This performance is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our students, teachers, administrators, and district staff.  Also, many hours of support by parents and volunteers are vital to our success.


For FCAT 2.0, our third grade students tied for 2nd in Reading proficiency while showing a 2 point gain in district percent proficient (73%).  The third grade students in the county ranked 3rd in Mathematics proficiency, with no change to our district percent proficient (71%).  Below are listed some schools showing particularly strong proficiency gains:


Reading                                                                       Mathematics

Central School, up 28                                  West Navarre Intermediate, up 11

West Navarre Intermediate, up 5               Oriole beach Elementary, up 10

                                                                        East Milton Elementary, up 8



FCAT Writing

For FCAT Writing, our 4th graders ranked tied for 4th in scale score with a mean score of 3.3 (on a scale of 6).  Our 8th graders ranked tied for 3rd with a mean scale score of 3.5 while our 10th graders ranked tied for 2nd with a mean scale score of 3.6.  Below are listed some schools showing particularly strong gains in percent proficient for Writing (3.5 or above):


Grade 4                                               Grade 8                                   Grade 10

Chumuckla Elementary, up 8       Hobbs Middle, up 11              Milton High, up 15    

Jay Elementary, up 7                       Sims Middle, up 11                 Pace High, up 6

                                                             Avalon Middle, up 8