The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office reports arresting Thomas Bryan Davis, 35 and charging him with neglecting a child without great bodily harm, cocaine and marijuana possession, and drug equipment possession. According to the reports, Davis called 911 and as deputies spoke with him regarding why, they determined, with the assistance of emergency medical personnel, Davis was not able to care for himself or others and appeared to be under the influence of some type of narcotic, making him a threat. Therefore, deputies took him into custody and initiated an involuntary Baker act on him, reports said. On scene, reports said, deputies found a prescription bottle with Davis' name on it containing a substance testing positive for THC, a corner piece of a plastic bag containing a type of white power testing positive for cocaine, and two pipes (a metal one containing marijuana residue and a glass one containing burnt marijuana). All items, according to reports, were in plain view in the living room on the coffee table and couch and easily accessible. One of the people in Davis' home said an item of possible paraphernalia was possibly a part to one of the victim's toys, reports said. Davis' four charges total $12,000 in bond.