Deputies said lights and sirens were activated throughout a 12.4 mile high speed chase that ensued Wednesday, when a DUI suspect entered Santa Rosa County from Escambia County line, said Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office officials. At one point, reports say, the driver reached 80 mph, causing a potential deadly situation, although no one was hurt.

William Edward Macks, 55, Century, was driving recklessly and Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office received word a possible DUI suspect was entering the county. While in pursuit of Macks, reports said he swerved many times, drove down the middle of the highway, causing other vehicles to pull off to the side to avoid being hit, and ran 4 red lights and one stop sign.

A passenger was spotted by deputies in the errant vehicle and it was reported the passenger did try to attempt to get out of the truck several times but was unable to exit due to Macks accelerating and bypassing traffic stopped at intersections. Since there was no rear window in the vehicle, deputies reported seeing an argument between the driver and passenger, with Macks pointing his finger in the passenger’s face, yelling at him. A tan pit bull rode in the bed of the truck, chained about the neck. The dangerous pursuit ended at the intersection of Milligan Road and Scenic Shores Road, which dead ends into a cul-de-sac. Deputies said Macks was uncooperative, and deputies used the taser twice to subdue him.

Reports said the passenger said he was picked up by Macks at Wal-Mart on Highway 29 for work. He said he told Macks to let him out of the truck but Macks threatened him by saying he would hit him with a bottle if he didn’t shut up. Reports said when asked if he was held against his will, the passenger said yes. The dog was taken into custody by Santa Rosa County Animal Control.

Deputies said Macks smelled strongly of alcohol and found a half empty bottle of Wild Irish Rose wine next to the driver’s seat. Macks refused a sobriety test. He was charged with DUI-Unlawful blood alcohol, resisting officer, kidnap-false imprisonment, conservation-animals, resist officer. He is being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail with $18,000 bond.