A Missouri man was arrested Friday after being found in a home in Navarre which he was not invited and sexual assault on a person 16 or 17 years old. A complaint was made about Brandon Scott Larison, 30, having a relationship with a teenager which originated online. Reports said the witness told deputies he knew a guy named Brandon who was about 30 years old and secretly staying with a teenager. The witness also said Larison was expected to have arrived the day before and social media photos had appeared with the teen and the man lying in a bed together. The witness said he was worried when the teen didnít show up for school.

Deputies reported when they arrived at the home they were told by other witnesses they had never heard of a man named Brandon and the teen was upstairs and stayed home because she was sick. When called out of her room, the teen seemed upset when she came down to talk with authorities. Reports said she told them she did not want to talk with them. Noises upstairs caused deputies to investigate. After a quick surveillance, deputies found Brandon Larison hiding outside behind a chimney. Reports said Larison was placed in handcuffs immediately and placed in the back of a patrol car. Later during questioning, Larison said he came to Navarre from Missouri after meeting the teen through Facebook last November and he arrived on May 15. He told deputies his truck was parked on Highway 98.  Larison was charged with sexual assault by a person 24 years or older on a person 16 or 17 years of age and burglary of an occupied structure unarmed. He is currently in the Santa Rosa County Jail with $90,000 bond.