Brian Kea, graduate of Pace High School, with two years at Pensacola State College will fill the council seat of the recently departed Clayton White. Kea has staying power as he's spent 15 years with AT&T the same amount of time he's lived in City Ward 2. Kea also has given back to the school of his education with four years spent volunteering at Pace High School's track and field program with two years volunteering with the football program at the same time.

According to City Clerk Dewitt Nobles, five people had submitted their names for Council consideration by the last Friday deadline of 12:00 noon. Mayor Guy Thompson said the high number of interested individuals is proof that the city has many people willing to serve. I know this was a tough choice. We had a number of great candidates here, he said. I am very proud we had 5 people willing to serve the city on such short notice.

Randy Jorgenson, city planning director, said Kea was the only one of the five under consideration for the position who attended the council meeting. According to Jorgenson, Kea said everyone assumes some responsibility in the community. Jorgenson said Kea's attendance at the meeting showed he cared enough to take on this new role and he's looking forward to working with Kea.

Kea said, "I'm excited. I really wanted to learn the day to day operations of the city and this is a good opportunity to do so." He also said, "I'd like to stay with the council if they'll let me. I could see myself staying five to ten years. It's what I want to do to help serve the city." Kea will be sworn in during the Council Executive Committee meeting June 2. If he wants to serve out the entire remainder of White's four year term, which was to end in 2016, he will have to run in the August city election and qualify in June as other interested party.