A shot was fired in a Gulf Breeze residence Wednesday after an argument broke out. Douglas Blackshire Bush, 52, was arrested after the victim called 911 after leaving the home and stayed outside Midway House of Faith Church. Deputies said Bush fired a black and brown rifle into the ceiling of the home and told the victim to leave or he would shoot the victim.

Reports said when deputies arrived on the scene, they attempted to talk with Bush but he would not comply nor leave the house. Deputies report he had several weapons in his possession, including a handgun, ammunition for the handgun, 12 gauge shotgun shells, .22lr ammunition, and a 12 gauge shotgun inside the residence. A locked gun safe was located inside the home but deputies could not open the safe as they had no key. Reports said since Bush would not exit the home, SWAT was activated and he left the home without event. Reports said the incident lasted just over 2 hours. Bush was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon and is being held without bond in the Santa Rosa County Jail.