Dear Editor,

Of course Heaven is real. Thanks for Dr. Gary Smith's article, "Who Is He?" I'm not surprised John MacArthur labels the book and movie "a hoax." He may be among the children God's been trying to tell something for years, but their unteachable spirits and negative attitudes preclude their receiving or understanding.

            I saw the movie. Like T.D. Jakes, I say everybody should see it. Christians know Heaven is real because they believe the Bible, greatest book ever written, never to be superseded.

Some of us know the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Almighty God, whose mercy and compassion orchestrated near death experiences "NDE" to strengthen those of little or no faith. He's not willing that any should perish but that all should repent resulting in their dwelling with Him forever. Is it Christians (or church goers) debating the validity and value of NDE?

            MacArthur says scant glory to God and self-focus are evident. I'm sure those who have NDE give God the glory. MacArthur says, "They are figments of human imagination (dreams, hallucinations, false memories, and fantasies...deliberate lies) or else products of demonic deception."

            MacArthur et al let their guard down. Donning the whole armor of God, critics should recognize only a merciful, loving God could have allowed these NDE to occur because time is short. Jesus Christís second coming could occur at any moment.

            If push came to shove for MacArthur's erroneous statement, "They are products of demonic deception," I offer him this truth that what Satan meant for evil, God meant for good.

            I remember Betty Malz's "My Glimpse of Eternity." This widow of a physician is thrilled God included the works of two physicians regarding NDE. More physicians like our local Dr. Lyle should declare their faith.

            As one who had three miscarriages, I was blessed when Jesus introduced Colton to his other sister in heaven, the miscarriage his mother had, about which the four-year-old was unaware. This kind, compassionate Jesus afforded comfort and, or explanation for many broken-hearted over miscarriages or death of little ones. Like Jerry Clower, again, I say, "Ain't God good?" Hallelujah.

            I regret missing "God Is Not Dead," the account, if I'm not mistaken, of what's going on in education, especially in places of higher learning. Thank God for the student and all students who take a stand for the One that is higher than all. The world needs Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Don't be ashamed of Jesus and His words. If you are, He'll be ashamed of you before His Father in Heaven. God bless us all as only He can.


Chrys Holley