Agriculture areas of Santa Rosa County’s roadways are experiencing high volumes of agriculture equipment on the roadways. These oversized tractors are entitled to use Florida roadways moving from one field to another and from the farmer’s home to fields.

“Farm equipment is big machines that operate in the 20 mile per hour range on the roadways,” shared Jay Farmer and resident Mickey Diamond. Diamond passionately continued, “When a motorist sees the bright triangle that identifies a slow moving vehicle or the flashing amber light they need to heed that warning and slow down.” Diamond, a member of the Santa Rosa Farm Service Agency, states how very quickly a motorist can be upon a tractor before they realize it and how tractors are a lot wider that they sometimes appear to be. “Farmers in our area are all very aware and patient.  We do everything we can to slide over when the roadsides are conducive to doing so. We want everyone to travel safely and be on their way.”