Flood Mitigation Assistance Workshop


Santa Rosa County is hosting a workshop for residents to learn more about the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program and potential grants on Thursday, May 15 at the commission meeting room located at the Santa Rosa County Administrative Complex, 6495 Caroline St. in Milton.  The workshop includes an overview of the program and staff will be on hand to answer questions.  Please contact Sheila Harris, Santa Rosa County Grants Director at (850) 983-1848 or sheilah@santarosa.fl.gov to RSVP or if you have any questions.


Properties that have been classified by FEMA as being a Severe Repetitive Loss Property or that have experienced reoccurring flood losses may be eligible for mitigation grants under the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program.This program provides potential grants that help to avoid future flood damages by taking one of the mitigation actions described below:



Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring to the workshop their homes flood declarations page, an elevation certificate, proof of prior or current flood losses including any flood claims documentation, pictures, receipts for repairs, etc. Additionally, the following forms found online should be completed and brought to the workshop:


         FDEM Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program Brochure www.santarosa.fl.gov/lms/FloodGrantDocs/flood%20program%20brochure.pdf

         Property Registration Form  www.santarosa.fl.gov/lms/FloodGrantDocs/PropertyOwnerRegistrationForm.pdf

         Privacy Release www.santarosa.fl.gov/lms/FloodGrantDocs/Repetitive%20Loss-Owner%20form%20Public%20Disclosure.pdf

Interested property owners should visit the countys website at http://www.santarosa.fl.gov/lms/index.cfm?tab=4  to learn more about this mitigation opportunity. Additional information can also be found by visiting the Florida Division of Emergency Managements www.floridadisaster.org/Mitigation/FMAP/index.htm.