Hometown racing champion, Chris Escobar did it again at the True Street drag racing event at the Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, Saturday averaging 8.042 seconds in three passes. Escobar's '86 Ford SVO ran 0.86 seconds faster than runner-up Anthony Leone out of West Grove, Penn. Escobar almost broke 8 seconds for the win. Steve Sapp, General Manager of Chris Escobar Racing and Escobar's stepfather said, "Chris is driving the fastest street legal car in the country." Sapp said Chris is making an eighth of a mile in five seconds, close to an aircraft's takeoff speed without a catapult. "Your typical high end car you buy is 300 to 400 horsepower. His is 1400." Sapp also said Escobar doesn't use nitrous oxide, just compressed carbon dioxide shot into the intercooler. According to Sapp, Escobar doesn't get excited about the races because he expects to win.

Sapp shared a story about car trouble Escobar had before the race. He said Escobar's intercooler, which is behind the bumper, cracked. "He tore everything out, got it welded Saturday morning, put it all back together and won the race." Sapp said, "More than anything else, that amazes me, his sheer determination to be the best."  Escobarís next event is June 12 in Ohio.