Dear Editor,

     Democrats again want to raise the minimum wage because they don’t know how to create jobs. If democrats could create jobs the average wage earned would go up naturally with economic growth and not artificially with economic recession which causes inflation. As a employer if you have 10 job openings and 300 people apply you can offer less money. If you have 10 job openings and 3 people apply you then have to offer more money to attract more applicants. Obama’s administration has no idea what it takes to make America prosperous. Just like cutting $752 billion from Medicare and saying they had “cut waste and fraud from the program” is like escorting every customer out of the store and then saying “you have cut theft.” The Obama administration has again proven history correct in that private investment generates money and that jobs don’t have to be part of that equation. Solyndra, $500 million government (taxpayer) investment and $0 return on investment along with many others. Investors invest to get a return on investment (economics 101), they won’t risk their capital for minimal returns while government with no investment makes the lions share (commonsense 101).


Steven M. King,  Milton