May 3


Tuesday 7:28 a.m.


This is Dennis.  The First Amendment protects freedom of speech. People in America are a variety of different views and opinions, different colors, ethnic groups with different perspectives. Do all of these people have the right to free speech? I say yes. I might not agree with what they say, but is what they say protected by our constitution? I say yes. Are they free to say what they believe without being persecuted? I say yes. I hope we donít become a nation that free speech is okay for some people but not okay for others.


Wednesday 6:57 a.m.


I hope everyone is okay in Milton and the surrounding areas. Iím 73 years old and Iíve never seen a storm like that. I cried. You donít know how safe you are and you cry. There is so much water around my house.


Wednesday 10:35 a.m.


This is Jesse from Pace. I want to let Joyce know my grandbabyís grave is clean. My daughter in law and son take care of it. What Iím talking about is the old grave slabs who have no family, war heroes who donít have anybody to clean them up. Iíd like for to see a clean cemetery and for it to look better as you pass by on Highway 90. I care about the living and I care about the dead. I am disabled and I donít know anyone out there but I see how bad the graves are and Iím trying to get some help to clean them up. Iím trying to help the community.