David Schultz, Gulf Power, was presented the Milton Pride tag holder from Santa Rosa Sunrise Kiwanis President Jack Culberson and members Walt Reese, John Stone, Dan Stewart, and Harold Key.  The Marsh Master is Gulf Powers "go to" piece of equipment for reaching difficult locations.  It is part boat, part truck, and part tank, and as operator of the Marsh Master, David Schultz explained to club members how it functions.  The Marsh Master has the ability to do many jobs.  It has a large cargo area, can hold 8 personnel, goes over water with a powerful drive system, and when afloat it has great maneuverability.  The very best information about the Marsh Master is the amount of money it saves Gulf Power with efficiency.  Sunrise Kiwanis welcomes all to their Wednesday 7 a.m. breakfast meetings at Tanglewood Golf Course where all are welcome.