Dear Editor,


Many of us would appreciate once and for all if the county commissioners would inform the public of all the facts in reference to the judicial center. In plain English, are you saying the building will be specifically for the needs of the sheriff’s department? It will not be a building where the public pays tax, buys car tags, etc.? I made that suggestion months ago. I don’t recall the source where I heard the news, but I heard it cost tax payers more money to operate the sheriff’s department than it cost to operate all schools in Santa Rosa County. Where we now pay our taxes, buy car tags, etc., is meeting our needs. I have never had a problem finding a place to park. The encyclopedia’s definition of a court house says it is a building where courts are held; a USA building used for the government of a county, usually housing a court. The historic old court house since it is very near the Veteran’s Memorial Park could be converted into something to benefit the veterans in our county. It could be a place to hold music festivals of any kind. Let veterans express themselves. Use it for those who would benefit the most. It would be very helpful if more people who would love to know the old court house will not be torn down or used for just anything. Write in your suggestions.


Marion Cumbie, Milton