Santa Rosa Energy, a company generating power through the use of natural gas was acquired by U. S. power and energy infrastructure owner, LS Power Equity Advisors. Formally announced yesterday, it will purchase six power facilities across the southeast. In doing so, it will purchase 3,500 MW of power generation capabilities. Santa Rosa Energy (SRE), located on Sterling Way, is one of the six. It will do this through its affiliate NATGEN Southeast Power from Calpine Corporation for $1.57 billion, says Dana Gorman, of The Abernathy McGregor Group for LS Power. Along with SRE, the other Calpine facilities being purchased are Carville Energy Center, St. Gabriel LA; Columbia Energy Center, Calhoun County, SC; Decatur Energy, Decatur AL; Hog Bayou Energy Center, Mobile AL; Oneta Energy Center, Coweta, OK. “We don’t anticipate any impact to Gulf Power or its customers as a result of this announcement,” said Jeff Rogers, Corporate Communications manager for Gulf Power. “We welcome LS to the community and look forward to working with them."

Paul Segal, chief executive officer for LS Power said he is pleased to assume ownership of the portfolio of power plants.