Paying competitive prices in gold, silver, and coin

Stephanie Dodson, who manages the Milton location of Emerald Coast Coins, LLC, advises that old gold or silver jewelry which is out of style or out of favor and never worn anymore is still a valuable commodity which can easily be turned into cash. But the dollar amounts paid for these items depend on the dealers who are looking out for themselves more than the customer. But that’s not the case at Emerald Coast Coins where honesty, integrity, and fair pricing are part of every transaction they make with every customer they serve. As its name implies, Emerald Coast Coins is a full-service coin shop where dealing with all types of coins, both domestic and foreign, is a vital part of business. Buying scrap gold and silver is also included in their service, and they pride themselves on paying the top prices. Scrap gold and silver may not sound like it would be much of a valuable asset, but don’t be fooled. It could be very valuable. Emerald Coast Coins’ guidelines define it as gold or silver jewelry that’s no longer wanted by its owner. It could be, and usually is, broken or mismatched pieces of jewelry most likely to never be used again. It could be rings, necklaces, or even watches and bracelets. If you have anything that generally fits these guidelines, bring it in to Emerald Coast Coins and let the friendly but professional people there who are specialists in the trade, check it for gold content, weigh it, and then offer you the top prices that are fair and equitable. There is no charge for the customer to bring in his or her collection for evaluation in a friendly and professional setting where he or she will receive the honesty and respect each deserves. Emerald Coast Coins in Milton is located at 5217 on the west side of Dogwood in Holms Plaza. It continues to be a family business with headquarters in East Pensacola at 7141-A North 9th Avenue in East Gate Plaza where Steve Gerlach and his son Gregg work. In 2009 the family decided to open a branch in Milton, and daughter, Stephanie Dodson became manager.“The five years that we’ve invested in this store has been as successful as we could have imagined,” she said. Actually it wasn’t long after opening the store in Milton, that Stephanie found it necessary to expand into extra quarters and hire extra help. “Bri-Anne Glover has been a great help, and we are glad to have her with us,” Stephanie said. The owners and managers at Emerald Coast Coins are friendly as well as professionally. Stephanie and her assistant are some of the nicest people around. Stephanie and her husband, Carl, live in Milton near her business. Carl works for the U.S. Postal service in Navarre. They have two children, Tristen 15, and Garrett, 11. Another important feature one will find at Emerald Coast Coins in addition to the buying, selling, trading, and appraisals is the sale of metal detectors. Among those in the store are some of the most readily recognized brands in the industry. Prices for such tools range in price from $200 to $1600. The variance in price depends on the quality and range of capabilities of the detector. Interest in coins as collectible items has been noted as long as the 14th century. It was a hobby mainly for the nobility because during the early ages, only the wealthy could afford such a hobby. Today, motivation for coin collecting mainly stems from a hobby standpoint, and possibly as an investment issue. There are many ways that one might become the owner of a collection. They may have become owners through an inheritance and know absolutely nothing about it. Those are the times when Emerald Coast Coins can be most helpful. Emerald Coast Coins has been serving customers in the Florida Panhandle for almost a decade and have gained a reputation for honesty and fair dealing. For those who are new to coin collecting and the scrap gold and silver jewelry market, the management and staff of Emerald Coast Coins warns that extreme care and caution are essential if one is to get a fair deal in the industry. They want the customer to remember that coin dealers and gold buyers are popping up all over the place, and some of them may not have the customer’s benefit at heart. It is always best to deal with a store that has experienced people managing it. Clients at Emerald Coast are guaranteed a ten-day return policy. If someone is not satisfied with their transaction, they will gladly exchange your coin or refund your purchase price as long as the coin is still in its original holder. Customers should feel free to contact the store for help or information with a call or a visit. Much of the business that Emerald Coast Coins has comes from referrals. And they say that is the best advertising you can get. Hours for Emerald Coast Coins have been conveniently set with the customer in mind. On Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday, the hours are from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Wednesdays the shop is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There is adequate free parking space available for customers and visitors. You are not only welcome, but urged to drop in and see what they have to offer. Something in your change purse might be worth a lot of money.