Active meth lab found with children inside house

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office reports a woman was arrested Thursday morning after an anonymous complaint was brought to light about a possible narcotics violation inside the home. Reports said when deputies arrived at the location, a strong chemical smell emanated from the home and they were suspicious of a Methamphetamine lab upon arrival. Reports said Adriana Marie Loftus, 31, Pace was found lying on her back behind her home beside a tricycle when a deputy found her. According to the reports, Loftus attacked the deputy when he told her why he was called to her house. Deputies report during the attack, as the deputy was attempting to call for help, Loftus ripped his radio microphone from his shirt and threw it into the grass behind her where the deputy couldn’t communicate. She also threw punches to the deputy’s face and chest area, even though he repeatedly told her to stop. Reports said the attack became even more aggressive so the deputy defended himself by blocking redirecting punches with his flashlight and called aloud for help. Another deputy came from the south and helped subdue Loftus. Deputies report of having to use the taser because of Loftus’ inability to be subdued. Reports said emergency medical services were called for Loftus since she had a laceration from the attack. Reports said Loftus did not lose consciousness.

According to deputies, when asked why she originally attacked the deputy, she said she felt as if the deputy were attacking her by saying the possible production of Methamphetamine was taking place inside her home. She told the deputy she had two children inside the home.  Reports said she told deputies she had anger issues. Deputies report Methamphetamine was found inside the home. Due to the fact children were in residence Department of Children and Family Services were called. Reports said she received two stitches at Santa Rosa Medical Center and was arrested and taken to the county jail. Reports list Loftus’ charges as battery, cruelty toward child, resisting officer, obstruct police, drugs-possess x2 and drug equip-possess. Loftus bail was set at $81,000.