If you’re wondering what all the activity is about at Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet Dealership at 5925 Highway 90 in Milton, all you have to do is stop by and see for yourself. Remodeling activity has been going on for a while, but it’s not in the way of the outstanding customer service for which they are noted, or the extensive array of brand new as well as pre-owned cars and trucks in the area. Customers can be rest assured when they buy an automobile from Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet, included with their purchase is the pride and integrity of a lot of people who care.

One of the first things customers will notice when they visit Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet dealership is the friendly and courteous way they are assisted.  But this didn’t just happen. It comes from a team of employees who have been trained to do their job most effectively and efficiently.

General Manager Michael Dallett says each and every employee at Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet dealership is trained to standards set by General Motors, standards that are strict and exacting. “Our employees are trained so that they know more about the product and the services they perform,” he said. All 35 employees at Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet are certified by General Motors to meet its standards, level of quality, and examples.

“Every employee from the Sales Department, the Accounting Department, the Service Department, and the Parts Department has been tested by General Motors to meet the strict adherence to company policy and are regularly monitored,” Dallett said. And it pays off. The Service Department has been named Number One out of the 300-400 dealerships within the Southeastern District. “Being number one says a lot for the whole dealership,” he said.

Not only is the dealership proud of its recognition, General Motors has something to boast about. “Positive things have been happening to us and to General Motors as well,” Dallett said. “The Corvette has been named Car of the Year and the Silverado Pick-up has taken First Place in the truck division. It’s good to know you’re in an environment of success,” he indicated.

For anyone who is shopping for a pre-owned vehicle or a new Chevrolet or something really exciting, like a Corvette, Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet is a one-stop destination. And there’s a reason for Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet, five in fact, for anyone who is planning to secure an automobile or truck. Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet’s achievement in quality service is reflected in its Service Department’s ranking among the hundreds of other Southeastern dealerships.

In fact, its number one ranking service department for customer satisfaction is one of its main attractions. “The best reason to purchase a vehicle from Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet is based on the service department’s reputation,” Dallett said. “We have one of the best trained technical staffs on the Gulf Coast, as well as the highest customer satisfaction rating in the Southeast Region.”

The Sales Department is also ranked Number One for customer satisfaction, Dallett said. “We’ve put the fun back into buying an automobile. Many comments from our customers indicate that their purchase experience here was the best ever with no pressure and a smooth process. Our professional sales staff listens to the customer’s wants and needs and exceeds expectations on a daily basis. Our sales process coupled with the best Service Department in the Southeast contributes to an overall outstanding experience.”

Many times have we heard Lou Sobh himself talk about “The best Used Car Prices on the planet.” Well they have them at Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet, and there are plenty of them to go around. That, coupled with low price guarantees and fair and up front pricing, is a challenge few will want to miss.

Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet’s location is one of its greatest assets. Situated as it is with frontage on both Highway 90 and Avalon Blvd., it is easily accessible from all points in Santa Rosa as well as Escambia counties. Just a few miles from Interstate 10 make it easy to get to from Okaloosa County as well as within shopping distance of Alabama customers from both north and west.

Although General Motors has strict rules on the size of its dealerships, Lou Sobh went out of bounds when establishing the Chevrolet location in Milton, Dallett said.

“Conscious of the growth and potential of the Santa Rosa County community, he far exceeded the minimum requirements and came up with a state of the art building and show-ground that makes it one of the most convenient and esthetically friendly places along the Highway 90 and Avalon Blvd. corridors to shop for an automobile,” Dallett said. If a customer wishes to spend more time than usual looking over the vast inventory of available new and pre-owned automobiles and trucks, he or she is welcome. In fact, officials of the dealership urge customers to take all the time needed or wanted to make up their minds to buy from Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet.

But all the creature comforts and attractive display units in the world don’t mean a thing to a customer if he or she isn’t treated with the dignity and respect deserved. That’s why General Motors thinks customer service is so vital to the success of its dealerships.

You’re welcome at Lou Sobh’s Milton Chevrolet where their time is yours. And it’s available from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. during summer hours, and from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the winter. The telephone number to reach all departments locally is 626-8000. Other telephone numbers for Sales are (877) 840-0098 and for Service (888) 388-3357. After you’ve shopped and wish to talk with them again, or to consult with them about their service, you’re welcome to call.