An on going aggravation between neighbors escalated to an arrest, says Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office.  Reports said Jeffrey Denver Campbell, 49, Navarre and neighbor Paul Taylor’s feud began in 2011 when deputies were dispatched to Campbell’s residence over a potential burglary. However, reports say there was never an arrest as it culminated between a lover’s quarrel and a possible civil suit and Taylor was not mentioned in the report. However, other reports said Taylor told SRSO was in his yard when deputies were at the scene. Taylor then advised deputies it was at this time Campbell began having a problem with him.

Over the course of three and a half years, reports said Taylor filed complaints of Campbell shooting his house, spray painting his surveillance camera lens, cutting and later shooting the liner of his swimming pool, jumping in front of Taylor’s car as it was driving down the road, and refusing to move, shooting his car, slashing tires, and consistently harassing his neighbor.

Deputies report Taylor and his family moved away from their home this month and said the relocation was specifically because of the harassment. On April 8, when the Taylor family was moving their last items from their home, reports said upon their return to the house they found broken glass on the living room floor and bullet holes in the glass on the back door. Deputies said Campbell watched as they took the trajectory of the bullet holes. According to deputies it was verified 13 bullets were fired into the home from Campbell’s fenced in back yard. Casings were located at the fence line on the victim’s side of the fence, as thouh someone was standing on the other side of the fence, pointing a gun over the top of the fence to fire into the home.

On Monday, when Taylor went back to the residence to check on the house, reports said Campbell began yelling at him, saying he knew where the family moved to and “Your life is over.” Reports continued to say Campbell shouted the address, including the box number of their new home. Campbell was arrested for aggravated stalking and weapon offense and is currently in the Santa Rosa County jail on $150,000 bond.