Dear Editor, 


      Peter Young wrote in a local newspaper "We should encourage our people to vote, not make it harder." I totally agree (with Young) in encouraging everybody to vote, I also see a real need to have informed voters. The problem with his statement is the word “our”. “Our people to vote” doesn't include illegal immigrates, democrats voting multiple times and people who are (legally) dead voting. By his statement, these are his people because when they vote it always seems they vote democrat. By allowing this to happen, it turns our elections into a competition of who can cheat the best. Like sports with steroids without any rules, the player that can enhance his body with the use of drugs has a greater advantage to accomplish his goals by unjust means; the end justifies the means. That is a well used statement by liberal democrats. Do we really want “our” elections turned into an election of who can cheat the best? Not me, one citizen, one vote. Whatever it takes, without creating a hardship to vote and a voter ID card is not a hardship. You should be able to get one at the DMV or where and when you legitimately register to vote.


                                                                                             Steven M. King, Milton