Dear Editor,


God controls the sun, moon and stars. He stopped the sun in Joshua. He moved the star, stopped it over Bethlehem where seekers found the Christ child, savior. Like a billboard, He thrice warned us with four blood moons. First, 1492 when Jews were killed, burned and had 14 days to exit Spain because they wouldnít convert to Catholicism, the Spanish Inquisition. From tears to triumph when the Italian Jew, Columbus, funded by Jewish merchants, discovered America.

Second, 1948, Ben Gurion declared Israelís rebirth recognized by Truman. Beware Obama, support Israel. Third, in 1967, the six day war when God returned Jerusalem to Israeli control. Beware Obama. Donít support dividing Jerusalem. All of this is significant in Jewish history. NASA scientists confirm four blood moons or lunar eclipses will again occur in April 2014 through September 2015 prophesied in the Bible. Something big could happen. When things begin to happen, Christians are reminded to look up for their redemption draweth nigh. Yeshua could come at any moment. End time prophecy is exciting. Whatís with Psalm 83? Another war or another warning for all to turn to our Creator, Sovereign god, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God of our fathers. God Bless us all as only He can.


Chrys Holley, Milton