Speak Out


Sunday 11:55 a.m.


This is for David. I live in an area where you do not need garbage pick up but they had one over on Bell Lane a few years ago and the stuff people put in them I just couldn't believe. I guess some people cannot read or they just don't care. I found a box of newborn kittens meowing. I believe we have an animal shelter they could have taken them to, but they didn't.


Sunday 12 p.m.


This is for Dennis, in the paper in January they had an article on the blood moon tetrad. Pastor Fred Rogers and Gallups believed something major will happen to Israel. It's a rare celestial event, which consists of four lunar eclipses within a time frame: April 15 October 8 of this year, April 4 September 13 next year. It also happened in 1949 and '50. Hope people know the Lord.


Monday 12:39 p.m.


Hi, this is Don. I'd like to let Dave know that I agree fully with him in his Monday comments at 9:26 a.m. We could and should look at Walton County and how they do their garbage pickup and recycling and all that. It works. It keeps it out of the woods. People got service and they pay at the end of the year through their taxes, property owners and homeowners. One reason why they're closing around here, I believe, is that China used to buy all of America's recyclables. Now they're saying, "We don't need near as much recyclables," and so we can't sell them. Nobody wants to buy them. The commissioners know this; I'm sure. They need to start helping the homeowners and the property owners not just with recyclables but with garbage pickups.


Wednesday 9:35 a.m.


I'm calling because I have read in your Press Gazette that before his death, Jim Williamson had penned a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking to have Jayer Williamson replace his empty seat on the board stating that he could not think of anyone who would serve our county any better. This person has absolutely no training and no background whatsoever on a county commissioner seat. If this is granted, and Governor Scott grants this, will I be able to send a letter to Governor Scott also to where my sons can be put in a county office that you're supposed to be voted into? What happened to America's voting rights?


Wednesday 11:17 a.m.


This is Jesse from Pace. I want to say something about the courthouse in Milton. Why don't they build a four or five-story courthouse behind the existing courthouse? That way they can have a court now while they get it built. Then they can tear it down and make a parking lot or two-story parking garage out in front of it. Wouldn't that be sensible? They have room behind the original courthouse.