The Milton High School Physics Club Electrathon Team will race at Five Flags Speedway on April 26. Physics teacher Jim McGhee said the brand new team consists of 10 students with one driver and only one of the team members have raced before. Unfortunately, said McGhee, of the three electric race cars the school owns, only one will be racing. The other two are in bad shape. We need batteries and brakes, said McGhee, and the students are working on the mechanics to get the car to where it will roll on race day, he said. Ethyn Periman, driver of the car said he feels confident about his first race. Im feeling good about it, he said. McGhee said the team has studied about gears, the electric engine and power management to ready themselves for their racing season but its mostly about team work. The driver gets the most attention but the bulk of the work is on the mechanics team, said McGhee