Dear Editor,


I love the billboard on Highway 90. It bears the Star of David and “Support Israel.” Thanks, Bill Salter. America needs to heed, to make sure she isn’t cursed like the 26 nations that have come against Israel. Radical Islamists keep Israel in a constant state of alert. Evangelist Mike Evans, Jerusalem Prayer team, heads the

Save Jerusalem campaign. His book, Cursed, details efforts to take the USA down a wrong path, to divide Jerusalem, and to give Holy places to radical Islamists whose number one goal is death to Israel, USA and world dominion. When God gave Israel to Abraham, there was no EU, no UN. Ten nations already recognize a Palestinian state, pressuring others to as well. Our president and some American politicians seem willing to collaborate and join them. Woe be unto America et al-they better not mess with God, Bible prophecy, (Isaiah 62), and the apple of His eye, period. Thank God for using Evans to sound the alarm.

Call 800-636-4992 for more information and to sign a petition to President Obama to hasten support of Israel. George Washington to Harry Truman and other presidents in between did. The US can bless instead of curse Israel in the Security Council. We better do it. God bless us all as only He can.


Chrys Holley