Dear Editor,


The courthouse location decision has been going on such a very long time. Most of us are tired of hearing about it. The latest news that we citizens of Santa Rosa County would get to choose, but the present courthouse location was not included. To me that is not fair at all. I believe if there are only one dozen people who believe the present location it should be included; with all the technology knowhow these days, a beautiful courthouse with a drive through window, any or everything needed to accommodate people who may be handicapped, etc. would be worked into the new remodel and citizens would be able to go to the courthouse and conduct their business transactions.

The parking issues keep coming up, but there again parking problems can be rectified with modern technology.

Again, I will mention the reason not to choose the East Milton site, with gas problems, cost keeps going up and down; an overpass would be needed for the railroad; and traffic would further create and cause more problems within the East Milton area.

I will add one more thing to the new courthouse being built at the present, centrally located site: the large courtroom would, or could be used as a shelter in case of a disaster.

On the November ballot: 1. East Milton 2. Present location 3. Highway 90 location.




Marion Cumbie, Milton