Dear Editor,


A name tossed around lately is liked by some, disliked by most. It is Saul Alinsky, (1909 – 1972). Alinsky was raised in the slums of Chicago, the scene of Sinclair’s novel, The Jungle. He studied at the breeding place of many of today’s Marxists, the University of Chicago. His life was engrossed in helping the poor, a humanitarian ploy he used to build a Marxist army, a commune, to fight capitalism, and to undo the US Constitution, while creating civil unrest along the way. Make no mistake about it, he was brilliant in training community organizers, one of his best known now sitting in the White House. Alinsky’s techniques are so good, the National Chamber of Commerce has adopted his Rules for Radicals book as the centerpiece of their leadership training class under the title of Simsoc.

Throughout his book, Alinsky employs the use of Scriptures from the Bible to soften his Marxist intentions, to legitimatize his rules and to deceive the very elect. What are his rules? Be irreverent and curious, (not accepting a sacred or finite definition of morality), must be a challenger, insulting, agitating, and discrediting, (page 75).

Alinsky advocates attacking the messenger, not the message, also known as character assassination, a favorite tactic of Marxists, (page 33). He ridicules the Judeo-Christian experience, believing the true Christianity is beyond the experience of the Christian professing but not practicing population, (page 88). The same chamber elite leaders are the ones who champion the disaster called Common Core.


Bill Bledsoe, Milton