Speak Out


Tuesday 5:58 p.m.

Good afternoon. The county offices for Santa Rosa County the people actually use are no longer in the courthouse. The courthouse does not bring business to downtown. The tags and all that are at outlying places. The people that go to the courthouse are those from out at the jail, those that have to go the court with lawyers and so forth. So move the courthouse out. Make a museum or something, if the building is suitable for rehabilitation, but the courthouse has had cooling and heating problems for 40 years. The other thing is highway 90 does not bring business downtown. The traffic goes through. They do not stop. And we're 40 years for getting a bypass around Milton. So let's move ahead. Let's get it done. We've been talking about it for 30 years.


Tuesday 9:17 p.m.


Hey, this is Dennis. I don't hate anybody. I believe we must all agree that President Obama was legally elected twice. I respect the wishes of the majority of people. I grew up playing games like football and baseball and when we lost we were taught to go over and shake the hand of the team that beat us. I say, "Take it like a man." Another game is coming. Let's prepare for the next election. I'm prepared to accept the results of that election also. My faith and my hope is in God.