Thursday 8:38 a.m.


Hi, this is Judy and I see the courthouse will be left to the majority, and there are only two locations. I would still like the original site to be on that ballot, because renovations are done every day. To me, that is the best location. Parking is ample across the street. They don't mind walking along the parking lot of Wal-Mart. Why complain about walking across the street to the courthouse? Get over that. There's ample parking and I think the courthouse should be left in the original site. I am requesting the original site be on the ballot.



Thursday 8:43 a.m.


This is Nell. When the Tea Party refused to go by Glenn Beck's 9-12 plan, they signed on to the new world order. The superintendent, school board members, mayor, city council persons, the commissioners, the entire sheriff's department and our state elected representatives signed the new world order plan. There will be only a sham election. Oh, how they love to waste our tax dollars to destroy America, and our churches, too.



Thursday 8:55 a.m.

My name is Bob. I've been out toward Interstate 10 a couple times this week. I'd like to know why there's no work being done from the bowling alley to Interstate 10. You all need to call your contacts in Tallahassee and find out why.



Thursday 10:42 a.m.


Good morning. This is just an old timer that still remembers how our country, the good old USA, used to be. It's no longer that country thanks to Obama. He's fired all the smart, patriotic, loyal, military leaders because they would not kiss his feet or play his foolish games his way. Then he replaced them with "yes sir, your majesty" men, so dumb they have to have help dressing themselves. One of these men is a known Vietnam coward during battle. Then he replaced his cabinet with misfits who paid to get their jobs. No one belongs to the human race that's in that. They allowed same sex marriages with benefits, killed our economy, and health insurance is now priced beyond reach. If you tell someone their dog is ugly, you get in trouble because it's a hate crime. This country was established by the constitution, its amendments, and the declaration of independence in the name of God for God, and that's our God, not someone else's god: Buddha, Hindu, Islam, Muslim and so forth. This is, rather was, America, in God we trust. Now we are letting those who don't like this to change it. I'm not a smart man, but I thought I was smart enough to think our political leaders were smarter than I am. I wonder, can't they hear what I hear? Can't they see what I see? Don't they know what I know, what's going on in this country? If they can't, they're not even American and they don't care. They just want the title to feel important.


Thursday 10:45 a.m.


This the old timer again. I'm just trying to finish my message. This week the Department of Defense approved for our military to wear religious garments along with military uniforms such as turbans or a beard, in other words Muslims can wear the turban and Islam can wear a beard or they can wear either one. Can you picture a marine dressed in his dress blues in a full beard and a turban? I can't. So when I drove by the post office, I saw a sign that said "Impeach Obama." I couldn't stop at that time because I was in a hurry. So if somebody knows how to reach these people. If they've got a petition I can get at least 23 signatures to impeach him just from my family and I can get them a whole lot more. So if they would just put in the Speak Out how to get a hold of them, I will get a hold of them. But this country is in bad, bad shape. I don't know how, who, when, or where, if anybody's got the facts on him anymore. It's just sad. I'm glad I'm an old timer so I don't have long to spend being miserable.



Friday 6:24 pm.


This is Judy, and I would like to know the price of renovating the present courthouse versus building a new one some place. What has the state been used for? They used to have inmates. I also don't believe parking is an issue as some would make it. Americans need to walk, even if it's across the street. The parking near the courthouse can be used as handicapped parking. I don't see an issue there. Give us a chance to keep our present courthouse where it is. Speak Out, this is a great opportunity and service that you're doing. Thank you.



Saturday 5:25 p.m.

This is a short message. I just want everyone to know that I hate Obamacare. Thank you.



Sunday, 9:44 a.m.


This is Bill. I've seen in the paper that we'll be voting on the location of the courthouse. I don't understand why. One of the options is to leave the courthouse where it is located right now. I feel if the county commissioners want to be fair they ought to put that option on the ballot. I think most people in Santa Rosa County agree that having it where it's at is the best location and the best cost for the people of Santa Rosa County. Thank you.


Sunday, 12:44 p.m.

About a month or so ago I saw where the editor had a comment in the paper about a drug dealer that never got arrested. I am out in the east end of the county and I have one of those. He cooks meth, he's sold drugs for 20 years, he's molested kids and hurt animals and nothing's hardly ever been done to this guy. He's still out there. It's sad. They don't arrest him or do anything to him.


Sunday, 7:09 p.m.


This is Raymond. I'm concerned about the gun shows that they're having. Got one in March, got one in June, one in August in Pensacola. They're having them here in Milton, too. It's just really stupid. I wonder why people love guns so much to where they just have to push them, keep pushing them and people keep getting killed by them. They even have the nerve to put on there "12 and under and law enforcement officers are admitted free." Why do children 12 and under need an interest in guns instead of school and homework? It's just really stupid.



Monday, 7:35 a.m.


This is in reference to the location of the courthouse. The commissioners are going to give us a choices of two places, A and B, when actually there are really three choices that we should be given on the ballot, which is C the location of the courthouse where it presently is? Many of us believe the courthouse should stay where it is. The commissioners have cleverly given us a choice of two other places and omitting the place where it should stay. Thank you.