A Pace woman was arrested Sunday for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon for stabbing a man after an argument about what to make for lunch, officials report.  Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office (SRSO) reports said Tamara Huntly Boykin, 30, took a knife down the hall, after a brief scuffle in the kitchen, and stabbed the victim in the leg. Reports said children were present during the attack and were questioned afterward. Deputies report the victim of the stabbing said they began scratching and hitting each other in the kitchen, and at one point he grabbed her by the throat and they both fell to the ground. Reports said after getting up, they continued to push and shove each other in the living room.  He said he took Boykin’s telephone and tablet and stored them away and locked the door. Reports said the victim could see Boykin coming down the hall with the knife. SRSO reports said the struggle began in the bedroom and the victim stated he lost control of Boykin’s hand and she stabbed him in the leg. The victim said to deputies he went to the living room to call 911 and handed the phone to Boykin. He told deputies he only remembers Boykin walking out the door saying he was okay and she got the bleeding stopped. He was taken to West Florida Hospital for treatment of the wound.

Deputies said Boykin agreed to speak to them and said she did not realize the victim was cut after slipping after the argument. Reports said Boykin tried to call her mother but the victim took the phone from her so she went to the bedroom to use the bathroom and to find her telephone. She reported to deputies she was unsure of who came out of which room first, but she went to the garage and the victim called 911 from the living room. The SRSO reports Boykin said she began to get towels to cover up the victim’s wound but EMS arrived on scene before she could assist him.  Reports said Boykin complained of neck injuries and was taken to West Florida Hospital where she was questioned. Boykin was arrested and taken to Santa Rosa County Jail and was given no bond.