Santa Rosa Christian School (SRCS) received 1,060 dollars March 14 as a result of Chrysler's Drive for the Kids fundraiser the automobile company began in 1993. For every test drive anyone over the age of 18 years made in one of three Chrysler Town and Country vans, Chrysler donated ten dollars to the school. Charlie Boltz, of Milton Dodge Chrysler Jeep, said the goal was to raise at least one thousand dollars, which meant one hundred test drives.

The school placed the event next to the parking lot near the ball fields of the school. The event specifically benefited the school's athletic programs.  James Adams, a ninth grade baseball player for SRCS said the money will be fore travel expenses. Adams said Winn Dixie stopped offering a fundraiser in which the school participated, so they were trying to find new opportunities. He said this has been the biggest hit so far. Stephen Christopher Peoples, SRCS athletics director, said the school plans to start a soccer program, which can use the money.

Principal Watt and his wife test drove the white Town and Country. They said it was a unique way to raise money; there's no need for students to sell anything.

Candice Gibson, with Milton Chrysler, said most people seemed to like the vehicles, the Town and Country 30th Anniversary being the most popular. She was quick to sign up volunteers to test drive, going into the various fields looking for drivers.