According to reports from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, deputies charged Jeremiah Thomas, 23, with obstruction of justice (resisting arrest without violence) after officers arrested him at an apartment complex on Miller Road, Milton. A minor from Milton was wanted on outstanding felony warrants for robbery and is also reported to have been engaged in acts of violence involving various shootings in Milton the past few months, reports said.

When deputies arrived at the apartment complex, they received information the minor subject was in the apartment with another male, said deputies.

Reports stated, with permission, deputies entered the apartment. An officer recognized the subject lying on a couch and approached him at gunpoint since his hands were concealed, reports said. He ordered the juvenile out of the house and he complied but not before making a move with his left hand to his waist according to the reports. The officer told him to stop and he did so and left the apartment in handcuffs, according to reports. Reports also said the juvenile refused to say who the other male was in the apartment.

More officers arrived after a deputy ordered the unknown subject to come out of the building several times, said Deputies, because of the dangerous situation created for the general public, both within the apartment complex and the immediate area of the community. Reports also said the officer called for a K-9 unit since he was concerned the subject was armed.

Deputies said they were informed by others gathered at the complex identified the male inside as Jeremiah Thomas, also wanted on outstanding felony warrants for robbery. Reports also said Thomas was suspected of being engaged in Milton violence including shootings over the last few months.

Reports went on to say deputies found nobody else at the apartment, but a search did yield small bags of cocaine as well as smoking devices. Reports said warrants for Thomas include failure to appear, battery, robbery, and resisting officer.  Thomas was taken into custody and is currently in jail, being held without bond.  The juvenile’s charges are not published at press time, although Milton Police Department reports a warrant for aggravated assault and SRSO reports outstanding felony warrants for robbery.