Panhandle Community Theatre presents:  "Picnic" auditions on March 24 and 25, 6:30 p.m. at 4646 Woodbine Road in Pace.  Production dates: May 15-18 at the historic Imogene Theatre; directed by Gail Ready. For further information visit; or



Seeking:  7 Females, 4 Males


Flo Owens age 40s: Madge & Millie's mother. Has big dreams for her daughters.

Madge Owens - age 18: Eldest daughter, materialistic/conceited.

Millie Owens - age 16: Youngest daughter, wild & tomboyish.

Helen Potts age 50s up: Neighbor, easygoing, still loves fun.

Alan Seymour - age 20s: Madge's boyfriend, rich young man looking to settle down.

Hal Carter age 20s: confident & loves attention.

Rosemary Sydney - age 40s: Schoolteacher, although unconventional.

Howard Bevans - age 40s: Rosemary's boyfriend, businessman.

Irma Kronkite age 30s: Schoolteacher, gossiper.

Christine Schoenwalder - age 30s: Schoolteacher, gossiper, new in town.

Bomber age 16-18: tends to reinforce Madge's beauty.