United Way Santa Rosa (UWSR) is looking for reputable, general contractors to be pre-qualified for mobilization post disaster.  After Red Cross’ initial response post disaster, said Kyle Holley, development director at United Way, these contractors will rebuild with private, state and federal funding. Holley asks for interested general contractors to come by the UWSR office on Highway 90 and sign up.

“We need reputable contractors; local, licensed, and insured in roofing, plumbing, electrical, all involved in home repair,” said Holley.

He said UWSR was invited by the Santa Rosa County Emergency Management office in 2013 to be the lead agency for emergency support functions, coordination of donations, and volunteers post disaster.

“With this mobilization, we will grow the network of local champions,” said Holley.

UWSR is also endeavoring with Majors Home Improvement to seek out a family in need of home repair projects.  Majors Helps, a community initiative for local residents to advocate for others by submitting stories for a family who could do with home repairs such as repairing or replacing windows, door s, minor kitchen and bath repair, or vinyl siding.  For more information, contact UWSR at 623-4507.