Wednesday, 7:53 p.m.


I don't agree with either of the letters written to the editor, Jerry Couey and Doris Kingry.  Doris either would say, "Why not have an election?"  I really don't know, but aren't elections kind of costly? Didn't we vote our commissioners to do work for us? Buying property, to me, is an asset to our county.  I don't see where Jerry Couey is going to get out and show his sign. The county commissioners are doing their job.  How does one know who's doing what?  You can always call your county commissioners.  Don't they have announcements for their meetings where you can go and attend and speak to your county commissioner?  They know far more than we do.  We voted for them. They're apparently serving our county fairly well. The location doesn't seem to be too much of a problem.  Isn't it about 6 miles from Milton High School to Wal-Mart? I'm not sure of the property, where it's located.  It seems like a good place going west on Hway 90.  It would centralize things. It would be only a few miles west of the present courthouse.  I don't see where it would be a problem. I don't see where bridges are a problem. We certainly can't afford another election.



Thursday, 4:07 p.m.


It's hard as it is to get out of side roads like Airport Road in East Milton.  Moving the courthouse to East Milton would cause the need for numerous traffic lights.  Remodel our present courthouse.  If you have to, build a small building near the jail to address court procedures that involve jail mates.  Thank you, Speak Out, for letting me speak.



Thursday, 5:08 p.m.


People now days are getting way out of hand about gun control in the schools.  They're so worried about a child in Maryland eating a pop tart shaped like a gun.  If you scratch your head real hard and look at the state of Maryland, you might think, "That kid loves the state of Maryland." It looks like the state of Maryland to me and it probably looks like the state of Maryland to the kid.  He's from Maryland. Why do people keep doing this? They're getting way out of hand with this. The kid ate the pop tart into the shape of Maryland, not a gun.  Thank you.


Thursday, 7:26 p.m.


Hey this is Dennis. I wonder what John McCain and his cohorts are up to, probably stirring up some fear and anxiety and planning the next war to get us into.  Who profits from keeping us in endless state of war?


Friday, 8:48 a.m.


This is Bobby.  I was just listening on WEBY to Commissioner Cole talking about the courthouse and where they want to put it.  From listening to him, they've already made up their mind. They've already decided where to put it, and now he says anybody that wants to talk about it, I'm open to discussion. Well, what's the point of discussing if they've already made up their minds and decided?  The only discussion we need is at the ballot box to vote down the tax and then maybe discuss where they want to put it, and let the people have something to say about it.


Saturday 7:52am

I guess we lack the compassion, not taking care of one another.  This lady who tried to drown her children in Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tallahassee or wherever.  She should be put in the hospital for health, not in jail. It is not working that way. Why would people put people in jail not knowing what's wrong with them? That's why sometimes people die in jail and nobody knows why. I think that lady should be put in the hospital.  There has to be a reason why she did that.  Nobody would do that to their own kids.  Thank you.  This is Maria.  Thank you, Speak Out line.