Monday, 4:31 p.m.

Hello this is Ron.  Anyone that may be interested in starting or already has a concession type business and would like to make lots of money, contact the Florida Forestry Service. The new Clear Creek OHV riding area will be opening soon.  A large number of dirt bike riders and 4 wheel drivers will be your customer. This OHV is on shared land with the Blackwater River State Forest located on the backside of NAS Whiting Field, on Whiting Field Circle.  If you need assistance, contact your county commissioners. They approved this riding area.  Good Luck.  Hope you make money.

Tuesday, 6:02 p.m.

It's getting to be pretty bad in this country to where you got a lot of grownups who push the wrong things on children like homosexuality, cell phones, and now they're taking discipline out of schools.  Well, first of all, they're not disciplining them at home and now they're sending them out abroad into a country to just really uproot it and just make it a shame to be apart of it anymore.  Yeah, I'm ashamed of this country because it's turning into something that's unbecoming. This is Raymond.  Thank you.