Dear Editor,


This is a very important issue concerning your pocketbook.  A $30 to $40 million dollar judicial center is now destined to be built on Highway 90 just past Pensacola State College.  The BOCC is proposing to buy more expensive land to build the judicial center on.  In a separate issue, there will be a proposed $25 million dollar road built to connect that area of Highway 90 to Hamilton Bridge Road.  At a recent BOCC Meeting I was told by Lane Lynchard that that is a separate issue, so letís not get into that today.  That comment was humorous to me because if the BOCC is going to build that judicial center on that property, they will be looking for money to build that road.


The BOCC needs to place a one-half to one cent tax on the 2014 ballot for the citizens of Santa Rosa County to approve.  This tax is what will be needed to fund the building of the judicial center. I urge you to attend this meeting to be more informed on this proposal.


Wallis Mahute