Escambia County Sheriff’s Office report four men, (one of Pace), were arrested Monday for a home invasion/robbery in Pensacola.  Benjamin Paul Moon, 19, Collin Michael Williamson, 17, Joshua Aaron Williams, 20, Pace, Thomas Van Nguyen, 20, were charged with home invasion robbery and home invasion with firearm; other deadly weapon.  Nguyen’s charges included possession of marijuana.  Reports say five men knocked on the door of a home on Senegal Drive, Pensacola, occupied by Nicholas Robardey, Ryin Mignota and Marlon McCoy.  Reports say Robardey saw a figure pass by the living room window.  When he looked out, he didn’t see anyone but heard a knock on the door. Reports say he asked who was at the door and heard a voice say “Adam,” but Robardey told the person to go away.  According to deputies, the door burst open and five guys entered.  Robardey was immediately beat down on the floor; he struggled to get up.  Reports say Robardey was struggling with a white male who had a pistol in his hand.  He was able to get away and stumble out the front door.  Robardey said to deputies it was then he noticed all of the men who busted their way inside the home ran out the back door.  McCoy said he was in a corner blocked by a black guy with a gray sweater and a red shirt. 

Reports say the fifth suspect was not arrested.                                                                     

Mignota told deputies he ran through the garage attempting to escape; he was chased by a Hispanic male with a gun.  Reports say he tripped on the front lawn and the suspect approached him pointing the gun at him saying, “Stay on the ground.” He complied with the command and the suspect ran away.  He went to the neighbor’s house to call the police.  The neighbor, Teresa Kelly told deputies she saw an Asian man through her kitchen window.  She heard loud thuds and screaming coming from the home and one of the neighbors came to her door and told her to call 911.  Kelly told deputies she was on the phone with the authorities when she saw four males running out the back door of the house. Kelly told deputies she saw one white mail leave quickly in a white Pontiac Grand Prix.  She said the man told her, “Sorry that happened to you.”  She told deputies he was wearing a camouflaged jacket and had dark curly hair.

Once deputies arrived on the scene, reports say they were chased along rail road tracks.  One deputy jumped the fence and took one of the suspects into custody.  His backpack contained three gallon sized clear bags of marijuana.  According to deputies, Nguyen could not identify the fifth suspect McCoy described. 

The Gun Crime Response Team responded to the scene and assisted with interviews.  Reports say one stolen firearm was located in a trash can along the path the suspects took during their escape.  Nguyen is being held on $200,000 bail; Moon, $150,000; Williams, $100,000.