According to Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office, a Milton woman was arrested for stalking, battery on a person 65 years of age or older, damaging property-criminal mischief, and burglary unoccupied conveyance unarmed on Saturday.  Reports said Jessie Curry Oehm-Westergaard, 26, arrived at her ex-boyfriend’s home when she began to bang on the door and demand to see him.  Earlier that day, Oehm-Westergaard had called the house many times and Eulader Union, 72, with whom the victim lives with, had told her repeatedly not to call again. 

Oehm-Westergaard continued to bang on the door, reports say, yelling and cursing at her ex-boyfriend; cursing Union and trying to push pass her, forcing her way inside the house.  The report said in the process, the suspect pushed Union back by the arm. Deputies said Union told Oehm-Westergaard more than once to leave or she was calling the cops; she didn’t leave until Union went to get the phone to call the authorities.  Reports said the ex-boyfriend watched as Oehm-Westergaard went to his truck, get inside, and yanked off a chain and air freshener from the rear-view mirror.  The victim told deputies Oehm-Westergaard harassed him via telephone calls, text messages, and Facebook chats since they broke off their relationship about two months before.

SRSO report said after checking the home telephone caller identification, deputies found Oehm-Westergaard called the Union home 27 times on Saturday.  While the deputies were still at the residence, the suspect rang the telephone once more and a deputy answered her call.  He asked to speak with her in person to obtain a witness statement but she refused to cooperate.  She demanded the deputy give the phone to her ex-boyfriend.  The deputy told her she could be charged with many different charges if she continued with the behavior she was displaying, and instructed her not to call the house again.  Oehm-Westergaard disconnected the line.  Three minutes after the first phone call originated, she called back and the deputy answered,  asking why she called again after being told not to by the sheriff’s office.  Reports said she was belligerent, cursing and yelling.  She agreed to meet the deputies at a gas station located at Stewart Street and Munson Highway where she was arrested on $19,000 bond and released.