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Monday, 2:36 p.m.
This is George. I have a comment. He attended church for 20 years, called his pastor his mentor. He didnít know his pastor was a racist.
He started his campaign in a mans kitchen, and he didnít know he was a terrorist. His administration was transparent. He and his buddies crafted a health bill without his own party getting a shot at input. Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi said heís got to pass it so weíll know what it says.
Letís buy an automobile and then check to see if it has an engine, wheels, steering wheel and so forth. He hid his college grades. Why? Maybe he wasnít proud of them. And we elected this man as our president?

Wednesday, 7:18 p.m.
Yeah this is Bobby. Commenting on the column letter to the editor that Joel Miller put in Wednesdayís paper. That all sounds good that we need manufacturing back and weíll all make $20 an hour. But thatís one of the main reasons that we lost manufacturing. Because all the unions demanded that we all make more, more and more money. And they can go overseas and get it made cheaper.
They want to unionize Walmart. Well if everyone at Walmart made $20 an hour Walmart would go out of business because it wouldnít be a cheap place to shop. Thatís why everybody goes out there.
I worked for Ford Motor Company out there in Detroit a long time ago. And most manufacturing like that, itís not skilled; itís just doing the same thing 600 times an hour. But for some reason, they think they deserve $100,000 a year and benefits. Thatís one reason why itís gone belly up so much.
And as far as his comment on Mitt Romney is gong get rid of Medicare. Iíve never heard of Mitt Romney saying that. They talked about if youíre under 55 years old giving you a choice, and I donít know whatís so bad about a choice. Thank you.